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Final Installment of StorONE Interview

by Administrator on August 27, 2018

This blog contains the final two clips from our in depth interview with Gal Naor, CEO of StorONE, as he prepares to announce the details of his new software-defined storage technology, S1, at VMworld.  Gal will be doing a special speaking session at the show on Tuesday.  Check HERE for details on that event and to schedule a demo of the technology during the show.

Here are the concluding clips of my discussion with Gal.  For some, these are the most compelling clips of the interview, in which Gal explains how you can get enterprise class storage at a price that is lower than even most cloud services.  Worth a closer look.






We thank Gal Naor and Mark Smith of JPR Communications for facilitating this interview.  We hope that everyone will find something in its many parts to encourage you to learn more about this game-changing software-defined storage technology and we wish Naor and company every success at their product debut this week at VMworld.

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