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Thought Leadership: IBM’s Clod Barrera

by Administrator on September 11, 2018

Today, as a looked over posts on Twitter, I caught a picture of my boots  (on the right) from the IBM Think 2018 conference earlier this year.  We were interviewing IBM thought leaders at that show — among the best events that I have ever attended, by the way — when it occurred to me that the fellow in the picture, Clod Barrera, gave a great interview that I didn’t see published anywhere.  Clod has granted me interviews three or four times, an honor given his status as an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technical Strategist for IBM System Storage.

This interview, which I shot and handed over to IBM for their first use, was very illuminating to me and I wanted to circle back to make sure it was shared.  Consider this also a nudge to readers to begin thinking about attending IBM Think 2019 in February.  (And to IBM, please consider this a nudge to begin thinking about having me back to record the thoughts of your smart folk!)

Here is the interview with Clod Barrera in two parts:



 We really enjoyed chatting with Clod and hope to pick up the conversation where we left off at Think 2019.  

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