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Another Thought Leader: Andy Walls

by Administrator on September 11, 2018

Since I am on a roll, thought I would post another interview I shot at IBM Think 2018 and never saw published in the IBM blogsphere following the event.  Since I still have rights to these videos, I wanted to make sure that they are shared and that everyone can benefit from the information that I received from some of the smart guys at IBM.

Andy Walls is scary smart.  He is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM and Chief Architect for IBM Flash Systems.  This was the second time I interviewed him and he wowed me both times.  Hope I get the chance to continue the chat at IBM Think 2019 in February (hint, hint, Liz and Zoginstor).





Andy comes across as a cheerful polar bear, but that’s until you get him to talk about the marketecture that surrounds his favorite storage technology:  flash.  You want the straight line on flash, ask Andy.  Thanks again, sir, for sharing your insights at Think 2018.  Hope to see you again in February. 

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