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IBM Think 2018 Thought Leader Recap Continues: IBM VP for High End Storage Jeff Barber

by Administrator on September 11, 2018

Jeff Barber is a good guy.  He mixes his engineering pedigree with the no holds barred fun of being an executive at IBM, Vice President of High End Storage.  I met him for the second time (if memory serves) at Think 2018 and he agreed to be interviewed provided that I was in the interview too.

I quickly realized that he is a personable guy who feels more comfortable in a conversation than in a formal interview, so I broke my personal rule against being in the shot and we got a great interview.  Again, these were released  to IBM for first  use on their blog sites, but  I never saw  them published.  So, I have taken the liberty to publish them here.

Jeff has great insights about storage and about IBM’s take on the latest trends.   If you want a view from the trenches, Jeff is the guy to  see.  This was a high point of my work at IBM Think 2018 and I hope we will get the nod to return in February for the Think 2019 show.


 Thanks to IBM and to Jeff Barber for granting me this interview.

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