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Talking Software-Defined Storage with IBM’s Alex Chan

by Administrator on September 12, 2018

Last time I was at IBM Think, in other words, at the first Think show in Las Vegas last March, I shot a bunch of video interviews.  The “right of first use” went to IBM who traded my work for a free pass to the show and the able assistance of an IBM operative to round up interviewees.  The event was outstanding and so were the interviews.  After editing, I waited for word that IBM had published the clips so I could republish them here.  The word didn’t reach me for some reason and I eventually moved on to other work, but as I am developing a Storage Foundations Workshop currently for October, I wanted to go back to these clips to find additional content points.

The past few posts have featured thought leaders in storage today, including Gal Naor at StorONE and Clod Barrera, Andy Walls, and Jeff Barber of IBM.  As I review the balance of the interviews shot at Think 2018, I realized again that there is a lot of useful content in these clips and so I am republishing them on this blog.

This time around, I wanted to share an interview I had with Alex Chan.  He is an IBMer with one of those exasperatingly-long-and-somewhat-confusing handles that IBM seems to like a lot.  He is a Director and Offering Manager at Big Blue covering File, Object and Deepflash.  In person, he  is all of those things, plus the guy responsible for managing software-defined storage offerings from the company.  He is an insightful guy and we had a very illuminating chat.  Here it is:


Thank you to Alex for sharing his insights with me and with the readers of this blog.  Hope to see him again at Think 2019 in February.

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