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8 Questions About Object Storage: Exclusive Interview with Cloudian’s Jon Toor

by Administrator on September 12, 2018

A couple of months back, I travelled to the Left Coast to meet up with a couple of trendsetting vendors and to speak at a confab set up by ASCDI.  At the latter, I had occasion to meet up with Jon Toor, who is the CMO for Cloudian.  I knew Jon in several previous lives and it was fun to catch up.  On a lark, I stood him up in front of my camera in the corner of the ASCDI venue and shot a quick interview. 

He hates how he looks in the video (don’t know why, but I have the same sentiment everytime someone shoots video of me) but he shared his thoughts about the state of storage and the contribution that Cloudian was seeking to make in a series of clips that I share with you now.

Thanks, Jon.  I think everyone is more interested in what you have to say than how well your hair was combed or shirt was ironed…  Just saying.  Here are Eight Questions About Object Storage.










Thanks for the interview, Jon.

 No need to be camera shy, you look like Bill Gates’ younger and less evil brother.

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