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Storage is Like Toilet Paper: The Insight that Earned a Promotion

by Administrator on September 12, 2018

Of all the IBM execs I have had the pleasure to interview, one who stands out is Calline Sanchez.  My last in person chat with her was in March at IBM Think 2018.  The interview, which may have been published on an IBM blog site around that time, included a quip by Sanchez:  “Storage is like toilet paper…”

Truer words were never spoken.  And that quote, with or without her interview clip, made the rounds on Twitter moments after she said it.

IBM must have been listening, because shortly after the interview, Ms. Sanchez was promoted at IBM to Vice President, IBM WW LBS.  We wish her every success, but we also didn’t want her commentary on IBM storage to go unheard.  So, here is the video clip.



Thanks again, Calline.  I hope to see you again at Think 2019.  And you were right about the toilet paper analogy.

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