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Storage Pyramid Found In Ancient Mummy’s Tomb: Dates Well Before Google (BG)

by Administrator on September 12, 2018

Storage technology may not be the hot topic in the industry today, but we need to be careful that we do not lose time-honored skills and knowledge.  Yes, it may seem like the old storage pyramid,  popularized by smart guy Fred Moore of Horison Information Strategies, is rather antiquated today.  Vendors evangelize all silicon infrastructure, flat storage, and hyper-convergence and often diss tape, optical, and even hard disk in the process.  And, I actually encounter novice IT folk today who have never touched a tape or an optical disc.  Ever.

Yet, analysts tell us that there is a huge data tsunami coming, one that threatens to overwhelm the entire capacity of disk and flash manufactured annually within the next two years.  Coping with this will require an all of the above strategy when it comes to storage media, and that will require knowledge and skills in data migration, storage tiering, removable media  management, etc.

That’s why we have decided  to move forward with a Storage Foundations Training and Certification Workshop with partner 1105 Media this October.  This six hour online workshop will feature training from the Data Management Institute followed by sponsor presentations from storage industry thought leaders.  


The goal is to keep storage knowledge and skills alive at a time when most students of IT are being focused on clouds and software-defined everything, and not on the hardware infrastructure that make everything work.

At the conclusion of the event, attendees can download a Certified Data Storage Professional certificate, suitable for framing.

The current schedule for the event is October 5.  More details will be coming.  Watch this space.

And, by the way, as with all Data Management Institute certification training, there is no charge to attend and become certified!

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