The Future of Documentum

Spent the better part of today looking over Xenysys in Detroit. Hell of a fine next-gen content management product that. Quite possibly the smartest that I have seen.

Helmed by Phil Pascarelli, the Boy from the Bronx who keeps breathing life into flagging storage/data management companies, they are the first I have seen to hitch their wagon to the new Microsoft services play. Their product is managed code, .NET 2.0 ready, availing itself of all of the SharePoint service stuff that only a short while back seemed like Redmond slideware. I think they have the potential to kick EMC’s butt.

Frankly, EMC’s Documentum folks must be looking over their shoulders just about now. While Gartner was paid to put them in the Magic Quadrant for Content Management, they just lost a couple of accounts to this small fry company that no one has heard of. And they are going to lose more.

Plus, I wonder what it feels like when the founder of Documentum builds an open source CM. Or when the guy who was next in line for the big chair in CM at EMC up and leaves Hopkinton to join Xenysys.

I like this Xenysys and look forward to watching them break open the CM market in ways that the idiots at Gartner didn’t predict because Phil doesn’t waste his investor’s money on analyst services.

Go get ’em, Phil. You have a great strategy and an outstanding piece of code.

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