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Happy Birthday Mr. Disk Drive

by Administrator on September 13, 2006

Gentle reminder from IBM:

Are you planning a planning a story on the upcoming 50th anniversary of disk storage — launched on September 13, 1956 with the introduction of IBM’s RAMAC? I’d like to offer you an IBM executive to talk about the history of this development and IBM’s role, but equally important, the future of storage.

While the storage industry is celebrating fifty years of disk storage, new innovation is expanding the capacities, speed, security and manageability that will change the shape of the industry in the years to come. IBM is constantly creating breakthrough technologies and has built an R&D platform around what it refers to as the “grand challenges” of storage.

1. Create faster storage – IBM’s Storage Class Memory (SCM) project is focused on the creation of low-cost, high-performance, high-reliability solid-state random-access storage that could compete with or replace disk drives and/or flash memory. Possible applications of this technology would include rapid-booting PCs, which could start up in a second or two after power on, not minutes like today’s current systems.

2. Build bulletproof storage – Today clients see issues with disk drive failures and software code issues. There are still many improvements from the hardware and software side that can be made. Is it possible for us to build certified components and then build certified systems from the certified components? What about creating checkable/repairable data structures?

3. Improve data find and search features – Today clients have file systems that can store billions of files and petabytes of data, but how can they find what they are seeking? Clients are finding it increasingly difficult to find files using traditional hierarchical directories. The alternative is to find information using “google-like” searches where there is content-based navigation.

The 50th anniversary of disk storage marks a perfect time to look at the innovations that will shape the future of technology.

Interesting list of objectives, those, on the 50 year anniversary of spinning rust. I will write an article about it for

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Jeremiah Owyang September 18, 2006 at 9:01 am

IBM is certainly one of the greatest pioneers within the technology space.

I attended the 50th aniv party (with Hu Yoshida) and even met Dave Hitz.

The HGST folks played this video “Life without the HD”, and NO, I did not do the little kid voice over 😉

I look forward to reading your article in ESJ

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