Predatory Practices in the Storage Security World

When LeRoy Budnik hosts his SNIA Storage Security Forum meeting (details forthcoming) at UC San Diego next month, he had better get some users in the room to sit between the vendors.  Not only would it help to have some real world input for the vendor-developers (for a change), it will also prevent the vendors from rolling up their cuffs and getting into fist fights.

Here is some borderline “hate speech” sent to me today by a Decru flak, aimed at NeoScale.

Dear Jon,

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) issued an alert this week that NeoScale’s CryptoStore 700 series appliances fail to properly perform two-factor authentication. To learn more about how this flaw exposes vulnerabilities for attackers to leverage please visit SITE.

If you will be writing about this topic and would like third party commentary, executives from Decru, a NetApp company, are available to speak with you. Kevin Brown can outline the different approaches taken by storage security vendors and can give you additional information about encryption and the storage security industry as well. We will be contacting you shortly; however in the meantime, feel free to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX or reply to this email.



for Decru

I have contacted Barb Nelson, CEO at NeoScale, for a response.  I’ll post it if I get one.

2 Responses to “Predatory Practices in the Storage Security World”

  1. LeRoy Budnik says:

    All publicity is good publicity – was that PT Barnham?

    I believe that the security guys in SNIA are the best guys in all of the industry, of course I am biased. Best does not mean that we know it all. Best means that we really work together well and have a strong mutual commitment to getting the job done.

    Truth is, all products have problems, it is what you do when one surfaces that sets companies apart. The rest is one trying to “be on top” of the pile which is normal in the competitive landscape, although a more professional approach would be more appropriate.

    As to the summit, I will look forward to your comments – but we do need end-users, not to keep the scientists apart, but rather to ask the questions that only a person doing the job can ask. That will ground us in a practical reality.


  2. Barb Nelson at NeoScale says Decru is prevaricating. Big surprise that! See post HERE.

    LeRoy, you have your job cut out for you. Sounds like these storage security folks are liars.

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