A New Year, A New Blook

Welcome to the Data Democracy We have just opened the doors on our latest endeavor, DataDemocracy.com.  This site is part blog, part blook (blog+book) and will be used to develop a new book surveying the impact of the data democracy on individuals, organizations and society. 

I have enlisted Margaret Toigo (my wife and an extraordinary writer with her much kudo’ed blog — Land of the Free Home of the Brave.org) to co-author.

We are working out a few bugs, but the site is live now.  Have a look at your leisure.

In my humble opinion, the so-called digital democracy (or data democracy, to use Berkeley’s moniker) is the new frontier.  I do not believe that anyone has figured out the ramifications of the always-on, always-connected, access-to-all-information capabilities that are being steadily introduced to the world population.  We have seen the first rumblings and challenges that include privacy issues, intellectual property rights, disinformation, SPAM, viruses and malware, identity theft, e-voting irregularities and the like.  These are just the beginning.  In the book, we will look at the current realities of the burgeoning data democracy and try to identify some of its more profound and far reaching consequences for human reality as it is taken for granted today.

Since the project is being developed as a blook, reader comments are invited and some may shape the actual project when it is eventually published.  Hope you will participate.


(Within the week, we will also be opening the doors for my other blook project, Making IT Matter, which I am co-writing with Randy Chalfant from Sun Microsystems.)

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