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Stupid Vendor Tricks, Part 2

by Administrator on January 31, 2007

Hey folks, I just received an email from a SNIA person who shall remain anonymous.  He shared an email with me that is being sent to all members and prefaced it with these kind words:


I thought you might be interested in SNIA’s latest use of its members subscription. I know that logos are supposed to be important and it keeps the marketing machine in business, but why do SNIA need a new logo? I am a technical guy and find it very hard to get excited about this “fluffy bunny” marketing stuff.

I do work for a SNIA member [but] in common with you I am struggling to see what SNIA are bringing to the party these days.

I would obviously appreciate confidentiality with regard to bringing this to your attention.

Keep up the good work with regard to, it does bring a degree of sanity to this industry

[Name Redacted] 

Attached to the person’s message was an email request from SNIA to all SNIA members to take a survey to decide which NEW LOGO the organization should adopt.  They have hired a PR/Market Research firm to find them a new brand to shore up their failing fortunes.

Three ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR prizes are offered, plus a grand drawing quarterly for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, to any of SNIA’s members who take the survey.

Picking myself up off the floor from where gut wrenching laughter found me, I am wondering 1) is this really an effective use of steadily diminishing funds and 2) does a new logo fix any of the problems with SNIA…I mean, the SNIA?

Talk about the triumph of marketecture over architecture.

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