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IBM Herzog Likes His Storage Like His Steak: Pittsburgh Style

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Anyone who knows steak, knows “Pittsburgh Style.” “Hot edge, cold center,” shouts the grill master, “The only way that a steak should be served!” 

Perhaps IBM’s Eric Herzog would agree.  As Big Blue’s Vice President of Storage Systems Marketing, “hot edge, cold center” is Herzog’s mantra for building storage in 2017. 

We happen to agree that this is the design trend to watch, though we have been calling it capture storage and retention storage.

Herzog, a frequent interviewee on this blog, generously contributed his time and insight in an interview conducted at IBM’s InterConnect conference at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas a couple of months back.  This is what he said.




Thanks, Eric, for sharing your views with us again.  You are always an interesting interview with great content to share.

For the record, this video blog was created as part of a service contract with IBM.  They did not modify the contents of the interview or specify questions, but they did compensate us for the work, in part with lodging and registration at IBM InterConnect 2017.

Erik Eyberg Talks IBM Storage Strategy (Repost with corrections)

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

IBM_Edge_Upcoming_ImageThis is a repost of a previously posted interview with Erik Eyeberg, made as a correction to the previous blog that mislabeled Erik as Erik and Eyberg as Eyeberg.  He noted the discrepancy in an email on Friday and was so darned kind about it, my sense of guilt about my oversight was raised to an intolerable level.  We have corrected the incorrect reference both here and in the video clips below and regret the error.

The video interview was shot at Edge 2015.  This was my fourth IBM Edge event, if memory serves, and my third opportunity to get together with Mr. Eyberg, who came over to IBM with the acquisition of his former employer, Texas Memory Systems, and who has in a comparatively short period of time been promoted through the ranks. He has ditched the nerd glasses and hair cut he sported when I first met him for a more Benedict Cumberbatch look (well, that is what my daughters said when we were editing his video interview!), but he is still geek through and through.

And now, his business cards identify him as the Manager of World Wide Enterprise Storage Strategy and Business Development: a hefty title for a truly smart guy who has stepped almost effortlessly into his new and expanded role. It was a great pleasure to chat with him about IBM’s current technology and future directions. Here is part 1 of our interview, in which Eyberg sets the context, then ramps up a discussion of flash storage technology and the fit it is finding within business enterprises.

But wait, there’s more. We venture away from the evangelism of flash technology to discuss in Part 2 of the interview the lingering concerns that many folks (including me) have regarding the oversell of flash as a panacea and the problems created by memory wear and uneven performance. Erik’s point of view is interesting…

Eyberg makes a coherent case for IBM’s diversification in terms of storage offerings between “boxed” (conventional arrays) and “un-boxed” (software-defined storage) offerings. I liked his sensible discussion of unified management and REST near the end of the clip. It is good to know that IBM is still pursuing RESTful management tools for its kit. Look for RESTful management of the DS8000 series array with the release of version 7.5 of the array’s firmware.

On to the final part. Here is where Erik finishes his thoughts on RESTful management and what it will take for everything to be REST enabled for unified management (he seems dubious that this will happen). Then, he and I talk about tape technology, then about the future of storage from IBM’s perspective. Fascinating stuff.

Once again, special thanks to Erik Eyberg for agreeing to this interview (and to Lizbeth Ramirez Letechipia and company for helping me to round up Erik for this interview and for helping to get the clip approved by IBM).

For the record, this is one of several interviews I conducted at IBM Edge in exchange for room, board, transport, and free attendance at the event. I was also compensated for delivering five sessions at Tech Ed as part of the show.sessions at Tech Ed as part of the show.

My OOOgly Mug on DataCore Software Labs

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Just before the holiday, DataCore Software aired on their new — and very cool — DataCore Software Labs website a digitally recorded opinion on Flash Technology.  Opinions, they say, are like elbows.  Everybody has a couple.  You can see mine in replay at their SITE, if you don’t mind looking at my ugly mug.

Somebody could have told me that my hair was falling down or something.  But, at least my words are true.  And that’s all that counts, I suppose.

I should also point out that the nice folks at Micron forwarded me an M550 1TB SATA SSD a couple of weeks ago, which I just got around installing — not in my laptop as originally intended but in my desktop for easier testing and measuring (and because I wanted my desktop to go faster).

The procedure required doing a backup of my boot disk and creating a bootable restore disk, then disconnecting my old Seagate SATA drive and plugging in the Micron, then rebooting and reloading the OS and data onto the Micron from the backup.  The whole thing took a couple of hours.

But I am loving this newfound speed of bootup and all apps seem to run a bit snappier.  (Is that a word?)  Now, I’m hooked.  I need another one for my laptop!  I haven’t been this happy with a product since X-IO released their ISE Hybrid.


Thanks Micron.

Talking Flash Technology Today with IBM’s Erik Eyberg

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

It has been awhile since I last posted, the interruption caused by the disruption of a tropical storm, waterspout, and lightning strike on my local power substation.  More on my tale of Job later.  Today,  I am preparing to moderate a webcast at InformationWeek and UBM Tech’s using the ON-24 platform featuring IBM’s Flash savant, Erik Eyberg — formerly of Texas Memory Systems, which was acquired about a year ago by Big Blue.

I had a chance to interview Erik at IBM’s amazing Edge 2013 show a little over a month ago.  Here is my video blog of the interview.

In this part, Eyberg dispells some of the myths of Flash Storage…


For higher resolution, you can go to this link.

In part two of the vblog, Eyberg tackles the business case for Flash — a topic he expands on in today’s webinar.


For higher resolution, you can go to this link.

Thank you, Erik Eyberg, for your insights and observations.  This topic will be explored in greater depth in an upcoming issue of IT-SENSE.  Coming soon.