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Usually, I don’t expect such candor from industry insiders, but I was delighted to hear Calline Sanchez, one of my favorite IBM execs, confirm what I already suspected.  The current disinterest among many IT consumers with physical infrastructure, including storage, is wildly mistaken. 

I had been questioning my career after traveling to Silicon Valley just prior to attending the IBM THINK conference last Fall.  There, I had heard stories about the “irrelevance” of storage in the new world of clouds and software-defined everything.  For Pete’s sake, an up and coming programming model, Containers, doesn’t even provide a way to save data from apps that are created and operated in this form.  In a world where everything is ephemeral, why save any data at all?

I wasn’t buying it, and I was getting  ornery by the time that the plane landed in Vegas for THINK 2017.  Fortunately, I connected  with Calline, Vice President for Enterprise Storage at Big Blue, and she set me straight.  She had many insightful comments to offer, but I especially liked the reference to TP.

Here is my vblog of our chat.


Thank you to Calline Sanchez, and to IBM, for inviting me to the event and for the Social Media Influencer pass.  It was a great show and I enjoyed the interviews, which I am posting here.   By the way, storage is like toilet paper:  most folks tend not to think about it until its gone.


Waiting for Secure Clouds

by Administrator on June 6, 2018

Greetings.  It has been awhile and I have no excuse for not blogging except for the volume of work on my plate since the start of the year.  Thanks for bearing with me.

Subject for today — or tomorrow, really — is Cloud (In)security.  Tomorrow, at 9AM Pacific or Noon Eastern, I will be leading another of our Data Management Institute workshops on the web.  Registration is here.

This time we are providing attendees of the program a Certified Data Security Specialist certification for attending and participating in the event.  I hope you can find time to attend.

The event features five sessions — three from me and two others from smart guys Will Urban of iland, and Vincent Hsu of IBM.  We are going to talk about many aspects of data security in clouds from threats to techniques for improving privacy and immutability.  Having read so many vendor missives on this subject that seemed to stand in stark contrast to one another, and having enjoyed a wonderful chat on camera with Chris Dotson, security savant at IBM, at the company’s THINK conference late last year, I felt like a refresher on our data security training program was needed.  The clips of the Dotson interview follow.  I am delighted that his colleague, Vincent Hsu, will be delivering tomorrow’s perspective from IBM.

Chris wowed me at IBM in an off-camera discussion.  To my delight, he proved just as persuasive on camera.  Here is his interview.




Both interviews were very illuminating for me and I was delighted to have the opportunity for the interview. I would have published it earlier, but I wanted IBM to have first crack at placing them in their blogosphere. I haven’t seen the clips, so I am happy to post them here for all to see.

For the record, I was provided with Social Media Influencer credentials to attend THINK 2017.  I hope to get back to the show next year.  The above clips are a nice setup for tomorrow’s webinar.  Hope to see some of you there.  Here is the link again to the show.




A Bit of Shade for the “Backup as Archive” Crowd

by Administrator on December 18, 2017

Tomorrow is the next Data Management Institute workshop with Virtualization Review, and the last of 2017.  This one will cover data preservation strategy (aka archive) and will feature our usual mix of actionable info and humor.  Hope you can spare the time from your busy workday to attend.

Here is a piece of art we worked up to throw some shade on the “backup as archive” marketecture we still read in some of the trade press pubs.

Special thanks to Virtualization Review and to sponsor, StrongBox Data Solutions, for believing in this project.  Hope you will join us.


Promoting LTO-8

by Administrator on November 9, 2017

Not sure if this violates Fair Use Doctrine, but I have been wondering what it will take to reach a broad audience about the capabilities of tape technology, especially the new LTO-8 standard tape technology.  Here’s a concept I have noodled with.  I may have to take it down if someone balks about copyrights.


LTO-8 Star Wars Style from Jon Toigo on Vimeo.



November 9, 2017

With so many pre-announcements of LTO-8 tape technologies and products crossing the transom, some of the actual LTO-8 standard specifications appeared to be getting lost in the shuffle. Here, from the Linear Tape Open Program team directly, is the state of the LTO-8 technology and community.   What are the “final” LTO 8 specs? Final […]

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Spectra Logic Joins the LTO-8 Advance Party

October 11, 2017

 Today, Spectra Logic announced a tape technology “pre-purchase” program that provides customers with LTO-7 tape drives and media for use until LTO-8 technology becomes available.  The customer goes to the head of the line and will be the first to receive the new drives when they begin shipping. According to the announcement from the Boulder, […]

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At Long Last: Data Management Institute Reboot

October 10, 2017

Following a server hack in May, we thought long and hard about rebuilding our little “empire” of web sites and came to the conclusion that we would combine Storage, Security, Archive,, Information, and a couple of other blogs into a single Data Management Institute portal.  We are pleased to announce […]

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No H8 for LTO-8

October 10, 2017

Okay.  We admit it.  We like tape on this blog.  Tape solves a ton of problems efficiently and cost-effectively.  Tape is green.  It has a lot of capacity — especially the latest enterprise and LTO varieties — and it is getting bigger.  Tape is resilient.  It provides an air gap to prevent the spread of […]

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Tape Skills Gap? Say It Isn’t So

October 10, 2017

For all the enthusiasm around tape technology that we encountered during our visit to IBM’s Executive Briefing Center in Tucson, AZ, we worried that there might be an impediment to the uptake of tape technology in the form of a lack of training.  We wrote about this some time back:  after presenting a DMI certification […]

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Security Concerns May Be Helping To Drive Tape Technology

October 10, 2017

It seems like we can’t pick up a newspaper or visit an online aggregator without encountering yet another tale of data security gone wrong.  Whether its a virus, a phish, or a ransomware attack, we are seeing a lot of “the dark side” of the Internet these days. So, information security is front and center […]

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