We Stand With Paris

by Administrator on November 16, 2015

Some of my fondest memories of 2015 are of Paris.  I just learned that I have a potential opportunity to return there next month to do some speaking.  I would jump on the opportunity.



Barry M. Ferrite is Back: Don’t Be A Storage Cry-Baby!

by Administrator on November 16, 2015

He’s baaaack!

Here is the second Barry M. Ferrite public service announcement, warning about the Z-pocalypse.  Ignore it at your own risk.



Take Your Daughter to Work…It Rocks!

by Administrator on November 9, 2015

20150319_231928Earlier this year, I had the privilege and the great pleasure of addressing a group of folks in Paris from a perch on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.  I thought that might be the pinnacle of my travels for the year, but I was wrong.

20150414_174104As much as I love France…and also London, where I was a few months ago…I have recently enjoyed several trips with my 14 year old daughter in tow that have been even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Carrie Loretta has been patiently waiting her turn to join dad on some of his travels.  I try to make it a habit to take a kid along when feasible once they reach a reliable age and demeanor.  Carrie was next in line, scoring mostly A’s in her first year at high school, so she got the nod to travel with me, first down to Ft. Lauderdale where she helped me shoot video of my interviews with DataCore bosses, then to Hollywood California, where she attended the FUJIFILM Global IT Executive Summit (especially enjoying the guided tour of Disney Studios in Burbank), and most recently to New York where she attended Storage Decisions with her old man (helping to distribute the rating slips folks used to evaluate sessions to defray the costs of her travel and lodging).

We had a great time in all of the venues and I was impressed by how much this kid had “on the ball” as we used to say.


For one thing, of course, she has no fear of flying.  During her first flight, she was wide-eyed and enjoying the experience despite the lousy weather and the puddle hopper flight we were on.

20151009_183728She didn’t blink on the flight out to LA, despite some patches of bad air.  Her conversation was engaging and made the time go by.

She got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time, and enjoyed cruising around Hollywood, CA.  As a burgeoning illustrator, she took the opportunity at Disney to chat with professional animators and to learn about degree programs in the Hollywood area, assuming she is still into art by the time she gets ready for a career.

New York City was her best adventure thus far.  In addition to SDNY, she had the opportunity to explore some of the sites.  20151102_124017 We took a water taxi from Brooklyn over to Times Square.  She acquainted herself with the green lady and Ellis Island, then took in the views atop the observation deck of the Empire State Building…20151102_135606

She also saw the first Macy’s, the New York Public Library, lit a candle for my mother at St. Patrick’s Cathedral…



And, after eating a burger and a shake at SmashBurger, tried desperately to get her exhausted dad to don some skates and ice skate with her at Rockefeller Center.  (No, I did not do that.  It was my birthday and I was feeling all 56 of my years!)



After the first day of the Storage Decisions show, once I finished my afternoon keynote, we jumped a subway from Brooklyn to Times Square to take in a show, Matilda.  The seats at the Schubert, Orchestra L 1 and 3 in the 11th row, purchased at TKTS in Brooklyn that morning, were spectacular — as was the show.





For Carrie, there were so many firsts.  Her first Broadway show, her first NY subway ride, her first trip through the canyons of NYC, etc.  Seems a tragedy to me that only about 17% of Americans have passports and just about 30% ever travel more than 100 miles away from their front doors.  If you can, take your kid with you on a business trip.  You will both benefit tremendously from the experience.

Special thanks to TechTarget, for allowing me to bring my second to NYC, and to FUJIFILM for letting me bring her to Hollywood, and of course to DataCore, for allowing her to haul my bags to Ft. Lauderdale.  And to those of you who read these words and have kids, figure out a way — some way — to take them with you on a couple of your business trips.  You will all benefit from the experience.


Stand by for more from your favorite storage AI, Barry M. Ferrite.


*Z-pocalypse = Zettabyte Apocalypse per this article in Virtualization Review.


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