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Another Interesting Tidbit about NetApp

by Administrator on January 16, 2006

I abandoned my silly “NetApp watch” a few months ago, when the promised data never arrived from Sunnyvale to substantiate the vendor’s claim of an annual doubling of price/performance in its products. To my knowledge, they have never substantiated this claim, which their own co-founder Dave Hitz told me was an out and out distortion when I chatted with him at the last SNW.

While I have toned down my NetApp monitoring — both in response to some critical views expressed by readers here and in the hopes that the company itself would ratchet back its hype — I must say that I found it irritating to hear the “doubling performance” claim made once again in a press release today around InfoWorld’s selection of the 3000 Series Filer as NAS product of the year.

Kari Curto at Voce Communications issued this release with a statement that offends my delicate sensibilities: “The FAS3000 series delivers up to twice the price/performance and supports more users per system than previous generation FAS storage systems for greater storage architecture capability.”

My response, pulling my hair out at the roots, “It does not!”

If there was a “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Award,” I know who I would be giving it to.

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