Tarmin: It’s All About the Data

1f9f6aaAt the just concluded IBM Edge 2014 conference in Las Vegas, one of the highlights for me was having a chance to catch up with Linda Thomson, Marketing Director for Tarmin.

I knew Linda from her time at QStar Technologies, where she ran worldwide marketing, and I had been hearing positive things about Tarmin’s GridBank technology for a couple of years but hadn’t had the time to dig into their products or value prop.

So, since Tarmin is an IBM Business Partner and planned to participate at Edge, Vegas provided the venue for this reunion.

Tarmin does a pretty good job on its web page of laying out the key challenges of data management — in particular, the management of unstructured data aka fixed content aka files, which is a bear when it comes to archive, etc.  They posit a universal repository into which data can flow and be me managed with discipline and from which data can be accessed to support virtually any use case.  Sounds good to me.  The three components according the web page are a Global Namespace, Elastic Metabase (yup, there is that “elastic” word again), and virtual storage pool (at least at a logical layer).




Basically, in a non-disruptive way, GridBank provides an overlay on the hardware infrastructure you already own to enable it as an object repository that might just help wrangle all of those recalcitrant bits you have cluttering up your disk.  Archiving services can be implemented to clear out the junk drawer from time to time and return expensive spindles back to productive use.  They hook into public cloud storage for whatever reason, though I would prefer a direct link to LTFS tape, and they support a distributed datacenter architecture as well.  All in all, a pretty important testament to what can be done to bring our data house in order.  Here is the three part interview we did with Linda.



Tarmin Part 01-FINAL


Tarmin Part 02-FINAL


Tarmin Part 03-FINAL

Great interview opportunities with consumers and innovators of next generation technology are one of the main things that see me hopping a jet every year to the Edge conference. Learning about Tarmin from Thomson was particularly interesting because of the attention that IBM was focusing on its own “elastic storage” concepts at the show. I will be writing more about that in the future.

For now, thanks Tarmin and thanks to Linda Thomson in particular, for granting us this interview.

BTW, I am obligated to note that I was at Edge courtesy of IBM, who provided travel and lodging expense reimbursement for delivering my five sessions at the TechEdge part of the conference. When I wasn’t attending or delivering seminars, I hung out in the Social Media Lounge, where these videos were recorded, and was compensated for tweeting and blogging about the show. My words were not censored or subjected to any advance review or approval. My opinions are my own.  You might want to think about Edge 2015 today.


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