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Behind the Scenes: The StorONE Webcast

by Administrator on September 13, 2018

Last month, I had the pleasure of doing a webcast with Gal Naor, CEO of StorONE, a truly disruptive software-defined storage play.  The webinar was well received and can be viewed online on the StorONE site or at the webinar replay site established by 1105 Media and Virtualization & Cloud Review.

If you know anything about these webinars, they usually consist of a modestly animated slide deck, augmented by telephonic audio, pushed out across the World Wide Web via a presentation service.  The result is saved to a video file for replay at a later date.

Since Gal was coming to town for the interview posted previously here on, we decided to keep the mikes on and to record the two of us as we recorded the webinar.  The audio from my microphones was considerably more intelligible than the telephonic audio on the webinar recording, and we were able to break up the monotony of the slideware by cutting in outshots of the two of us as we actually performed our webinar roles.  The results were a bit reminiscent of a Howard Stern television broadcast, but without the language. It does seek to illuminate the important question, What Happened to the Software-Defined Storage Revolution?  

For your entertainment and information, here is the video edit with behind the scenes content and local audio track:


Thank you to Gal Naor for letting us play a small role in his company’s product launch. StorONE is truly remarkable and quite different from the myriad products in the market today describing themselves as software-defined storage or hyper-converged infrastructure.

BTW, if you want to download a copy of the presentation, you can do that at the 1105 Media/V&CR site.

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