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by Administrator on September 1, 2006

Seems that more and more the threads we start here are popping up some months later as “original articles” in the trades. I kind of like that, really, though it would be nice to get proper attribution from time to time.

Latest example, nearly a month after our critique of Warmenhoven’s statements re the options scandal in Silicon Valley, San Jose Mercury News interviews an ethicist on exactly the same points as we raised/covered here. No mention of DrunkenData. Where is the love?

The article is very interesting and well worth the read, by the way, though it gets into the personal life experience of the ethicist who is being quoted, which kind of dumbs it all down. Plus, the interviewee did not have my Catholic upbringing nor my Jesuit-driven-ruler-on-the-knuckles training in ethics or philosophy. He leaves some wiggle room when asked the simple question of whether Warmenhoven’s position on the insider trading-like options dating practices of many Valley companies was ethically correct (Essentially, the interviewer asks, “If everyone is doing it, is it still wrong?”) California invented situational ethics — if it feels good, do it. The ethicist waffles on this point — maybe, I wonder, to still seem hip and cool to his comrades at Berkeley or wherever.

It is not right to do something wrong because everyone else is doing it. Period. Just because some big storage vendors are robbing consumers blind doesn’t mean its right…even if the market will support the price that is being charged.

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